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78rpm (US)

Kurt Nauck's website. Auctions, 78s, cylinders, collectibles etc. Rust Discography "Jazz and Raghtime Records 1897-1942, 6th ed., available.

Blues World

Everything on blues: research, collectors, articles, dealers etc.

Christian Borowski's Schellackseite (G)

78 rpm Hot Dance Website in German. Schellackplatten mit swingender und jazziger Tanzmusik aus den Jahren 1925 bis 1945...Plattentips, Hintergrundinformationen, Bilder, Termine, Adressen und Klangbeispiele,  "Schellackplatte der Woche".

Bill Clarke's 78 rpm HomePage (UK)

Information about 78rpm records and recording during the shellac era. 78rpm record sales; 78rpm transfer service; record search service;

Tim Gracyk's Homepage

Everything (nearly) on records and phonographs. Well-written articles on the history of the record industry and recording artists. Good links to other sites. Some ragtime and jazz, no blues.

Gary Herzenstiel (IAJRC) - The 78rpm Home Page (US)

Many 78rpm topics: label pictures, articles, 78 transfer to CD, record repair, collector's info, where to buy, to sell, American Vintage Record Labelography etc.

Jan's 78 toeren Parkhuis (NL)

Jan Hovers Dutch 78 rpm warehouse. Beutiful! 

Hans Koert's Website

"Keep Swinging", Hans Koert's Website focusing on flexible 78rpm records and discographical data base of the Hit Of The Week and the Durium label. Indispensable for reference in the hot dance area. 

Michael Ladwig's Record Collector Fair (G)

Annual Jazz Collector Fair in Hannover, Germany in April. Große Jazzschall- 
plattenbörse in Hannover. Jedes Jahr im April.

Michael Ladwig's Record Collector's Corner (G)

Record Collector's Corner/Die Plattensammlerecke: Auctions/set sales of 78s; Jazz/Dance, Kleinkunst/Cabaret; Rock. Deutsch/English.

Lotz-Liste & Birgit Lotz Verlag (G)

Discographies and annual 78 rpm auctions. Jazz and related areas, German "Tanzmusik" and ethnic, many other things about early recorded sound. Online discography: Vox label.

Music Collecting (USA)

Auctions: LP, 78 rpm, memorabilia, sheet music etc.

Musik Antik (G)

Musik Antik am Weidenstieg (Hamburg, G). Schelllackplatten, Grammophone, Kabarett, Kleinkunst, Charly Wittong, Gebrüder Wolff, CD-Produktion bei Norbert Noritz (in German).

Kurt Nauck's 78rpm (US)

Kurt Nauck's website. Auctions, 78s, cylinders, collectibles etc. Rust Discography "Jazz and Raghtime Records 1897-1942, 6th ed., available.

Nugrape (AU)

Site centers around blues, gospel, rhythm & blues, country 78 rpm. Some information on early Australian music.

The Phonograph Ring

Collection of 140+ sites related to phonographs, early sound recordings, cylinders and 78 rpm records.

The Record Collector (UK)

Homepage of Larry Lustig's "Record Collector", the journal for the collector of recordings of the great singers of the past. Presents "Guide to Playing 78 rpm Records" for the beginner (and the seasoned collector as well). See under "Articles"

Record Collector's Corner 78 (G)

Site for the shellac collector / für den Schellackplattensammler. In English und auf Deutsch! Auction list /Auktionsliste.

Resources for Phonograph Collectors (US)

Allen Koenigsberg's site. The Information Central for antique phonographs and records.

Wolverine Antique Musique Society

Pre-history and history of phonograph recording, hot collecting in 1937, Austin High School Gang and Chicago Jazz, Paul Whiteman, Louis Armstrong, Nazi Germany's position on jazz, etc., recording process, collecting records

John Wright's Vintage Jazz And Danceband on 78rpm

For 78rpm collectors by 78rpm collectors. Well-designed and comprehensive. Where to buy and sell records, grading, cleaning and packing.  Magazines, web sites, articles, music files, record societies . Time consuming!


Early recorded sounds and wax cylinders. Icludes Cylinder Music Shop and feature on T.A. Edison. Cylinder of the Month. Interesting for those who are interested in early recording. No jazz or blues.