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Online Jazz Data Bases

Data Bases

Name (Link)


ACE  (USA)   

The big ASCAP song data base. You'll find performances of songs and current copyright holders.

The Big Band Data Base

An ongoing project dedicated to Bands; to Jazz and to Swing History, and to the music now known to the the world as "American Popular Song". The goal is to offer an online archive for research and for fans of both the great bands, and the Golden Era. Includes also non-American bands.

Clarinet Data Base

Clarinets everywhere! Everything about clarinets, classical and jazz. Leads to sheet music sites, compositions etc. Datenbank über Klarinetten und "Reeds". Suche von Kompositionen und Noten, viel Klassik aber auch Jazz! (Englische Seiten)

Davis, Miles

"Miles Ahead": a Miles Davis website with many links

Jazz Discography Project

Discography and searchable data base of Modern Jazz. Many artists. Compiled by Nobuaki Togashi, Kohji 'Shaolin' Matsubayashi and Masayuki Hatta.

Victor Records Ledgers

Here is the definitive information system on all Victor recordings ! The Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings gives you access to the documented information on all Victor recordings, issues, label information, master dispositions, recording locations and dates. By early 2012 it is up-dated until the end of 1928, with progress made every month (there is a progress report in the data base).

Documents (Follow link where hand appears)

Compositions/Tunes (16/09/02)
You want the music for one of the titles listed in this data base (or any other title)?
Search here (Dealer):

Listing of jazz, blues and dance compositions with their composers, credits and recordings. Download of pdf-File from a private data base. Most probably, it will contain a number of errors. (under construction January 2008). You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download free here

The Unsung Musicians 
 Last Up-date: 09/04/03
 Totally 395 musicians

Listing and available data of obscure and unknown musicians of early jazz. Only musicians included, which are not listed in major reference works like Chilton: Who's Who of Jazz, Grove Dictionary and others, which are readily available. pdf-File (Acrobat Reader). Compiled from published works of researchers like Tom Lord (Cl. Williams); Laurie Wright (King Oliver), Walter C. Allen (Hendersonia) and Fred Cox (Jug Bands), and for the first time here collected all together!


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