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Jazz Discographies

Brian Rust: "Jazz and Ragtime Records 1897 - 1942", 6th rev. ed.

Jazzbooks (Norbert Ruecker) (G)

Mainspring Press (US)

New revised and enlarged edition of this classic reference discography for the discriminate 78rpm collector available: Brian Rust "Jazz and Ragtime Records 1897 - 1942

Tom Lord: The Jazz Discography

Tom Lord Disco
TJD Online here

The most comprehensive jazz discography available. Up-dated until today. New: Online available as of 2008 (fee!)


On-line Discographies (Online-access to the data):


Title or Name (Link)

Description and Author

Aleman, Oscar

Second entry to this

A discography and tune-o-graphy on this Argentinian guitarist, who played a major role in the jazz life of his country as well as in Paris and was a very "swinging" guitar player. See about the life and the achievements of this great personality!

Allen, Henry "Red"
including J.C. Higginbotham

The great comprehensive and complete biodiscography on Henry "Red" Allen by the German researcher Franz Hoffmann, his labor of love of a lifetime. Here you find virtually everything on the Great Henry Allen: The most detailed and accurate discography to date of all recordings in which Henry Allen participated, along with the full story of his life, reproduction of articles, many unknown photos, newspaper clippings and so on.

Armstrong, Louis

Beautifully designed and presented ! Discographically, this presents everything about "Louis on records" on the Internet. Leaning on Westerberg discography.

Bechet, Sidney

Click on "The recordings of Sidney Bechet". Standard discography, but no issues listed!

Blue Grass Discography

Blue Grass sound recordings from 1942 onwards. By Charley Pennell.

Blue Note

Listing of the Blue Note label.

Cherry, Don

Discography by Akio Kamiyama.

Cherry, Don

Discography by Johann Heidenbauer.

Coltrane, John

Discography by David Wild.

Coltrane, John

The Jazz Discography Project. Fine and comprehensive work.

Art Ford Jazz Party

by Bob Weir, slightly amended by Franz Hoffmann. Discography and Filmography of TV and Radio Broadcasts

Hit Of TheWeek/Durium

Hans Koert's discographical data base of the Hit Of The Week and the Durium label. Indispensable for reference in the hot dance area. 

Gordon, Dexter

Dexter Gordon discography online.

Jarrett, Keith

The Jazz Discography Project

Jarrett, Keith

by The JazzHouse

Kirk, Roland

Roland Kirk discography by Michael Fitzgerald 1996.

Little, Booker

A Booker Little discography  (The Jazz Discography Project)

Modern Jazz

Several discographies of Modern Jazz (The Jazz Discography Project)

Morgan, Lee

Discography by Masaya Matsumura.

Morton, Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll Morton Discography by Roger Richard. The non plus ultra about Jelly's records! 

Norwegian Jazz Discography

Josh Bergh's book Norwegian Jazz Discography 1905 - 1998 now as a searchable data base on the internet.

The Online Discographical Project

Long listings of many record labels. (From Actuelle to Zonophone)

Parker, Charlie

The Jazz Discography Project

Prestige Label

Listings of the various Prestige labels. (The Jazz Discography Project).

Robinson, Perry


Rodemich, Gene

The Brunswick recordings. According to Rust, comments from Hope and Bob Lang. Lists composers and couplings.

Shaw, Woody

A critical Woody Shaw discography by Todd Poynor.

Silver, Horace

Horace Silver Discography: A tribute to the Hardbop Grandpop.

Sun Ra

Discography by Robert L. Campbell.

Zorn, John

Dated March 2000


Discographies (No online-access to data. Only description and order information):


Title or Name (Link)

Description and Author

Bieldermann / Eurojazz  (NL)

The famous little booklets with discographical data for many of the European post-war jazz bands. Try a name and look, if it is there!
Die Bieldermann-Diskografien von europäischen Nachkriegs-Jazzbands, meist traditionellen Stils.


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