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Storyville Magazine Vol. 1, No. 3
February 1966


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from twenty years ago

Art Hodes

Jazz Record Magazine; New York scene 40's; Chicago scene 50's

The Music of Thomas 'Fats' Waller

John R.T. Davies & Storyville Team

F. Waller discography 1927-1929

Johnny Dodds; A clarinettist's view

Sandy Brown

A Johnny Dodds appreciation

Shopping list


Record reviews: B. McGhee, Allen-Hawkins Orch.; Male Blues Blind Blake+ Rambling Thomas; Burt Bales; King Oliver on Pirate.

What is there to say ?

Jack Harvey

Live in Britain: Willie The Lion Smith; Bud Freeman.

The Paramount 12000/13000 Series

Max E. Vreede

Pre-publication of his book

A Revivalist In The House

John G. Featherstone

Bunk Johnson and other revivalists

Record Reviews


Andy Kirk, Specled Red, Billie Holiday, Tommy Dorsey, Alex Hill, Cab Calloway,Mike DAniels, Clifford Hayes, Ted Lewis, J.R. Morton solos, McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Lester Young,



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