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Storyville Magazine No. 10
April 1967


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Muggsy Spanier, Edmond Hall, Audubon, Reunions

A Pioneer Looks Back, Part 2 - Sam Wooding 1967

Art Napoleon (Dick Sudhalter)

Interview with Sam Wooding, pictures. Continued from issue 9.

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: Brunswick (E) label, part 4

Arthur Gainsbury, Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson

English Brunswick label selected  listting. Contnd. from issue 9.

Mr. Piano Roll - J. Lawrence Cook

Bob Kumm

Piano rolls, QRS.

More Blues

Frank Owen

Discussing blues reissues on LP.

Fine And Mellow


Discussing Billy Holiday reissue 3 LP set.

Herman Chittison 1913 - 1967



New Orleans Jazz In The Midwest

Jaques Blin

Live music in St. Louis and around, the Hall Brothers, Doc Evans.

A Glimpse Of The Past 7: Harmograph

Michael Wyler

Company history.

The Music of Thomas 'Fats' Waller, part 9

John R.T. Davies & Storyville Team

Fats Waller discography 1939- 1940

The Paramount 12000/13000 Series

Max E. Vreede

Pre-publication of his book

Meeting Mr. Manone

Laurie Wright and Jack Harvey

A visit and interview with Wingy Manone at his hotel room in London.

Record Reviews


Ellington 28-31 (JP LP 6), Blue Guitars Johnson-Lang (Par 7019), Kenneth Washington & Chris Barber( CBS 202592), Tony Parenti-Knocky Parker (Jazzology J 21), Kid Sheik+Captain John Handy (77 LEU 12/15), Earl Hines Dixieland (JP LP 7), John Kirby (JP LP 5), ODJB in England  (MFP 1106), Louis Nelson (77 LEU 12/19), Kid Skeik, John Handy, Barry Martyn (GHN 38) 



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