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Storyville Magazine No. 26
December 1969


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Charlie Christian, Joe Venuti, Tony Spargo, Sammy Penn, Tony Pastor, Pops Foster.

A Jazzman in Europe - Wallace Bishop

Roger Richard

Wallace Bishop's biography and career

I Believe I'll Make A Change

John Goodrich

Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records";

Clarence Williams Discography

Tom Lord & Storyville Team

Recordings 05/29 - 03/30

Jazz During The Occupation Of Belgium

Don Baker

Jazz activities and recordings ('Hot' and 'Metrophone' labels) from 1941 - 45.

'Little Bear' Chester Zardis

Brian Turnock

Chester Zardis' biography and career.

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: HMV (E)

Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson & Ray Webb

English HMV label. Selected listing.

Ken Colyer Today

James Cook

Live report.

Jazz Expo 69

Chris Ellis

Live concert: Venuti, Norvo, Kessel, Braff.

Historical Records


HLP 31 (Misc. Blues); HLP 32 (Misc. Blues), HLP 33 (Misc. New York)

Record reviews


JP 21 (Henderson 24-25); VJM VLP 23 (Maggie Jones); BN BST 89902 (Ammons+ Misc.); Jazzology (Morath,Tichenor); Hist 21 (Cl. Williams); Par PMC 7085 (Arc. Serenaders); GHB 50 (B. Dodds á la Créole); Roots RLP 322 (Memphis Jug Band); TOM 7& 8 (Venuti - Lang); GHB 107 (Mardi Gras N.O.); Hist HLP 26 (Territory)



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