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Storyville Magazine No. 44
December 1972


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New McKinney's CP LP; Misc.

Some Piano Compositions by Willie "The Lion" Smith Played by Other Musicians - Part 1

Johnny Simmen

Willie The Lion, the composer; Compositions Passionett; Echoes of Spring; Zig Zag etc. and their characteristics. Musicians who interpreted them. Particular discussion of "Echoes of Spring", "Morning Air" and "Passionette" and some of their recordings. (Photos)

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: Regal (MR series)

Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson & Ray Webb

Selected listing.

Clyde Bernhardt

Gilbert Gaster

Interview with C.B. reviewing his career and recordings. (Photos)

I Believe I'll Make A Change

John Goodrich

Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records

FLB-Speciality (Danish Label)


LBS 1: Joe's Ragtime Group; LBS 2: IB K. Olsen's Jazz Band

Rare Jazz On Tape (Bopp)


The Becoming Of JAzz; Ted Lewis; Earl Fuller; Paul Specht; Isham Jones; Boswell Sisters; F. Guarente/Georgians

77 Records


77 SEU 12/43 (G. Chisholm); 12/44 (Purnell); 12/45 Dill Jones; Swift S6 (B. Martyn).

Extreme Rarities


LP 1005: Glen Gray Casa Loma O. 1934



Clara Smith 1-3 (VLP 15,16,17); Maggie Jones (VLP 23,25); Vaudeville (VLP 30); Hard Luck Blues (VLP40); Oh Red (Speckled Red, LC 11).

New Books (Reviews)

Gilbert Gaster

Louis Armstrong -  A self Portrait (Interview R. Merryman)

Record reviews


Black Jack LP 3002 (W. Herman); RCAF 741.048 (Ellingt. Vol.5); Fountain FJ 105 (L. Austin); TOM 44&45 (Ellington); Rhaps RHA 6021 (Morton); Foun FJ 104 (Morton soli); Herw 204 (Bl. Joe Taggart); 77 SEU12/45 (Dill Jones); Pragmaphone PRG LP3 (Jazz band Ball); Pragmaphone PRG LP4 (Sharkey & Co. (= Charquet); Stomp ROBB 008 (Pasadena Roof Orch.); Monmouth Evergreen MES 7044 (Freddy Gardner); Tax M 8004 (B. Carter); Perception PLP 19 (Giants: Gillespie, Hackett, M.L. Williams); 77 SEU 12/44 (Alton Purnell & Barry Martyn)

There'll Be Some Changes Made

Editor, readers' contributions

Corrections to Rust, 3rd edition.

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