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Storyville Magazine No. 50
December 1973


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Eva Taylor, Preston Jackson visit; Sammy Stewart's "Skadatin Dee" mx C2328 found; Misc.

Memoirs Of A Storyvillian

Doug Murray

50th issue anniversary. How it began, and some humorous incidents and recollectiond about the magazine.

Our Word Jazz

Dick Holbrook

Sources and origin of the word "jazz". Facsimilés of original articles.

The Musical Legacy Of Andy Razaf (1895 - 1973)

Robert L. Brackney

Essay about life and career of Andy Razaf, his compositions.

The Record Research Pentagon Papers

Sheldon Harris

Humorous fictive letter exchange in files of Record Research about old records.

Arthur Gainsbury's Guide To Junkshoppers: Sterno (cocluded); Velvet Face; Victory.

Derek Hamilton Smith, Ron Jewson & Ray Webb

Selected listing.

Dawn Club


12001 Graeme Bell 1947; 12002 Graeme Bell 1947 Czech; 12009 Bud Freeman (The Buzzard etc.); Empress 10006 Bessie Soundtrack St. Louis Bl.  + rare takes.

Camelia Records


Leonard Bechet ss, Purnell, Garland, Martyn LA 2/1973.

Extreme Rarities


TLP 1006 Hot Jazz on Film - Count Basie in London 1966



Rare Henderson (VLP 10); K.C. Five (20); Vaudeville Bl. (30); Hard Luck Bl. (40); Lucille Hegamin (VJM VLP 50); Louis with Henderson (VLP 60); (Spanier (LC 2); Brennan N O (LC 12); St. Lane (LC 14); Warner/Webb (LC 15); Michele/Southern St. (LC 16); Black Bottom St. Live (LC 17).

Book Reviews

Laurie Wright

New Orleans - The Revival by Tom Stagg (Discography); Hendersonia by Walter C. Allen.

Record reviews


Halcyon 8 (Cal. Ramblers); 77 SEU 12/49 (Sandy Brown/Lemon); Paragon 103 (Kid Thomas/L.Nelson); 77 LEU 12/50 (Robert Pete Williams 1971); Camelia C 12-1 (Leonard Bechet); VJM VLP 40 (Hard Luck Blues); Sackv 3005 (McShann, Claude Williams); Broadw 102 (Unheard Bix); Empress 10006 (Bessie); Coll. Rarities 10 (Bill Coleman); 77 LEU 12/48 (Gonella); VJM VLP 50 (L. Hegamin);  Paramount 6059 (Holiday); 77 SEU 12/47 (Lloyd Phillips); Sackv 3004 (Cl. Hopkins); Berkeley Rhythm BR 1 (Skjelbred, Cumming, Knox, Ramsey)



Research and discographical forum.

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