Storyville No. 60

Aug 1975



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Editorial Editor Storyville 10 years' anniversary; Roy Butler; Dick Bakker's microgroove disco Holiday/Wilson
Marion McKay And His Orchestra Warren K. Plath The career and recordings of Marion McKay, based on interviews. (Discography).
Harmograh (cont.) Bert Whyatt Harmograph label numerical listing continued with notes.
Revoloutions in Design - Exploring The By Ways Of Record Cover Illustration (or, Wearing One's Art on One's Sleeve) Peter Cornforth How record sleeves are or can be designed.
Sam Wooding  And The Chocolate Kiddies At The Thalia-Theater In Hamburg 28th July, 1925 to 24th August, 1925 Bernhard H. Behncke Documenting the appearence of the Sam Wooding Chocalate Kiddies and their show in Hamburg, after their appearence in Berlin.(Photos, passenger list).
Alberta Hunter Frank Driggs Reminiscences about Alberta Hunter and her career.
The Legacy of the Blues Howard Rye and Laurie Wright Series of blues recordings by vintage blues people issued on 12 LP set by Sam Charters.
Ramblin' Around Derrick Stewart-Baxter On the recent activities of vintage and contemporary jazzmusicians: Pug Horton, Clyde Bernhardt, Princess White,  Benny Simkins Jazz Band.
Vognport Label Advertisement Eva Taylor and Peruna Jazzmen in Vognporten Jazzhouse Copenhagen (500 copies, Copenhagen Youthcenter)
Aircheck Advertisement #1 The 1930; #2 The 1930 Vol. 2; #3 Victory Parade: Bobby Sherwood 1945; #4 The Duke 1952; #6 Victory Parade Vol. 3 Ch. Spivak 1945; #7 Vict. Par. Vol. 4 Joe Sanders 1945; #8 Vic. Par. Vol. 5 Jimmy Lunceford; #9 TNT Tea & Tram 1933-36; #11 Artie Shaw 30s,40s; #12 Freddie Rich 1931/2; #13 F. Rich Vol. 2 1931/2.
Arcadia Advertisement 2005 Bag o. Sleepers Vol. 3 (Schulz,Mansfield,Dick Kent, Lawrence Welk); 2006 Territories Vol. 1 (J. Williams/A. Kirk); 2007 Territories Vol. 2 (George E. Lee, Alex Jackson, Mosby, Erwing Bros.)
Fountain Advertisement FJ 111 Ladd's Black Aces; Retr FG 403 Banjo; Fount FJ 112 Henderson Pathés
Old Time Radio Advertisement Radio programs made available on open reel tapes.
Harrison Records Advertisement Harrison A: Casa Loma, Mills Merry, Mack Rodgers, Frank Auburn, 10 Freshmen, Hollywood DO, Pettis, Sammy Stewart, Dixie Demons
VJM Advertisement HAL 9 (Roy Fox 1938); STOMP 008 (Pasadena Roof Orch.)
Book Review Laurie Wright Piano Man (Ralph Sutton) by James D. Shacter 
Record Reviews Various Rediffusion Gold Star 15-31 (John Barnes/Roy Williams); MFP 50194 (Neville Dickie); One-Up OU 2085 (Keith Nichols); Aicheck 4 (Duke); Arc 2002 (West Coast Jazz: Wilshire DO; E.Frazier a.o.); My Jazz 138 (Wall. Davenport); BASF BAP 5054 (Hines); Yazoo L 1047 (Cl. Edwards); Yazoo L 1048 (Reser); New Orl. NOR 7203 (Lee Collins); Argo ZDA 167 (New Paul Whiteman); MCA MCFM 2695 (B.Crosby Bob Cats); Foun DJF 110 (Red Nichols);
Afterthoughts Editor Research and discographical forum.;


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