Storyville No. 61

Oct 1975



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Editorial Editor Storyville - a way of life; pictures of Storyville: Wright, Owen, Davies, Harvey, Murray; Projects
Jay Cole Peter Carr A portrait with photos. Jay Cole's career and life (10 p).
Harmograh (cont.) Bert Whyatt Harmograph label numerical listing continued with notes.
Colored Ideas Jack Mitchell Sonny Clay Orch. in Australia.
Ramblin' Around Derrick Stewart-Baxter On the recent activities of vintage jazzmusicians: Nice festival 75, Blanche Thomas, Helen Humes, Beryl Bryden, Earl Hines ...; Princess White.
Can't We Talk It Over ? Letters by readers Decca issues planned; Keppard LP; E. Waters recording; Benny Simkins Band; racial prejudice; some Chicago personnels; bölack New York 1921; jazz records in germany in 1920s (availablility).
Louis ... by his friends Various musicians About Louis Armstrong at his 75th anniversary.
Black Jack Advertisement LP 3006 A. Briggs Berlin; LP 3007 Armstrong Friedrichstadtpalst
Extreme Rarities Advertisement LP 1008 Hot Jazz On Film (Ellington 64, Mannone 40, Calloway 37, Pollack 34, Goodman 37, Davison 62, Eldridge 41, Hawkins 45 a.o.)
Vognport Label Advertisement Eva Taylor and Peruna Jazzmen in Vognporten Jazzhouse Copenhagen (500 copies, Copenhagen Youthcenter)
VJM Advertisement VLP 39 (Sunshine Special: McDonald, Frenchy's, Le Roy, Chickasaw).
Record Reviews Various Bio BLP 1015Q (Waller rolls); Hal 9 (Fox); IAJRC 16 (F. Williams); CSA CLPS 2002 (Fessors); Storyv SLP 261 (Hamba Nami Finn Otto Hansen); Com HMC 5011/12/13 (Davison/Brunis); Com HMC 5014 (E.Edwards); Com HMC 5015 (deParis, bechet a.o.);Atlantic SD 1671 (Hyman, Rep.); RCA APLI 1008 (Braff/Barnes); Conc CJ 7 (Braff/Barnes); Vognport LP 101 (Eva Taylor & Peruna); IAJRC 18 (Noone); Flyright LP 108 (Mem. Minnie); One-Up OY 2074 (Melly); 
I Believe I'll Make A Change Bob Dixon Amendments to Blues & Gospel Records 1902 - 1942


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