Storyville No. 62

Dec 1975



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Editorial Editor Sam Wooding, Lew Wright (collector), Gerry McQueen (collector), new projects, Kenny Ball, Neville Dickie (concerts), Henry Santrey (band leader), 
Chocolate Kiddies - The Show That Brought Jazz to Europe and Russia in 1925 Björn Englund Sam Wooding in Stockholm 1925. (Facsimilés).
Ramblin' Around Derrick Stewart-Baxter Discussing recent reissues on LP:Flyright 2100, Collector's Items 003.
Harmograh (cont.) Bert Whyatt Harmograph label numerical listing continued with notes.
Charlie Davis, COPENHAGEN, and the Musical Culture of the '20s Bruce Allen Hardy Charlie Davis, leader of a popular Indiana-based territory band and composer of Copenhagen, a jazz classic.(12 pages, photos).
Bob Greene and Mister Jelly Lord Bob Greene talks to Eric Townley Interviewing Bob Greene. About his life and career.
77 Records Advertisement 77S 54 (Butterfield & Wellstood); 77S 55 (Freeman & K. Inham); 77S 55 (Kenny Baker)
Fountain Advertisement FJ 112 (Henderson)
VJM Advertisement VLP 43 (Pollack), SLC 26 (Steve Lane's Jubilee)
Record Reviews Various Herw 107 (NO in NY, Buddy Christ. a.o.), Tape (Mickey Mouse Bands), One-Up OU 2093 (Barber), IAJRC 19 (Tea), Foun FJ 109 (Hitch/Carmichael), Oldie Blues OL 2802 (J. Yancey), 77 Records 77s54 (Butterfield/Wellstood), Airch No.1 (1930s, Dorsey, Goodman, Callow., Shaw, Armstrong), Airch 2 (Noble, Haymes), Airch 3 (Sherwood), Airch 7 (Sanders), Airch.11 (Shaw), Jazz Soc AA 506(Basie V-Discs), Tax M-8022 (Hodges 39), Dawn Club DC 12013, 12014 (Ory Hangover), 
There'll Be Some Changes Made John R.T. Davies (editor) Corrections to Rust, 3rd edition.


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