Storyville No. 65

Jun 1976


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Clarence Williams on Microgroove by Dick Bakker; Vocalion LPs remastred; Princess White; Jim Robinson.

Regional Characteristics in Early Recorded Negro Music.

Chris Hillman

Essay about different styles associates with musicians from different regions.

Harold "Scrappy" Lambert

writes to Gilles Brissoneau

Scrappy Lambert, writing about his career.

Ramblin' Around

Derrick Stewart-Baxter

Mostly obituaries: Fess Williams, Noble Sissle, Lee Wiley. Rudy Powell sick.

Teddy Weatherford

Peter Darke and Ralph Gulliver

The Teddy Weatherford Story. Background, recordings. (16 pages, many photos).

Neovox Cassettes


The Audubon Henderson set (6 LPs) on cassetteo

Fountain - Retrieval


Retr FG 403 They All Played Banjo;



Arcadia 2006 (Jeannette Synco, J. Williams, Kirk); HEP 7 (W. Herman at Hollywood Palladium); VJM SLC 27 (Zenith Hot Stompers); 

Book Review

Laurie Wright

A Voice in Time - The Gramophone of Fred Gaisberg 1893-1951; by Jerrold Northrop Moore

Record Reviews


Barron VLP 401 (Clyde Bernhardt & Harlem Blues&JB); Aircheck 6,8, and 15 (Charlie Spivak, Jimmy Joy, Jimmy Lunceford, Will Bradley); Flyright LP 2001 (Southern Cornet Blues); MCA MCFM 2715 (Louis Jordan Tymp.); Milestone M 47 021 (Ma Rainey); World Rec. Club SHB 29 (Waller in London); Sunbeam MFC 11 and Sunb. HB 310 (Ben Bernie); Kenneth KS 2038 (Maggie's Blue Five); Voc VLP 2,4,5 (Goodman Boys, Ellington, Boswell);  

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Amendments to Blues & Gospel Records 1902 - 1942


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