Storyville No. 66


Aug 1976


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Bee Palmer sides; jug band project; Jazz in the Philippines: John Harris in Manila; book: SWING, ed. Harry Lim, Batavia 1937; photo unidentified group 

Jug Band Ramblings: 1962; Excerpts from the forthcoming book "Jug Bands of Louisville"

Fred E. Cox, John Randolph and John Harris

Story of the jug bands of Louisville. Photos.

Can't We Talk That Over ?

Letters by readers

Little Brother Montgomery/Lake Front Blues; Jimmy Scott; Charlie Davis; George L. Johnson (sax); Copenhagen; Alex Hill; Hokum Boys; McKinney's: Joe Moxley/Jimmy Dudley; Arville Harris; Hop Hopkins; Chippie Hill; Ray Lopez; Nick LaRocca; Jack Carter

Freddy Skerritt Tells His Story

to David Griffiths & Al Vollmer (+ Peter Carr)

Fred Skerritt's life and career in his own words. Listing of personnels of bands in which he played and of the recording sessions of the Bingie Madison band with Clarence Williams and King Oliver. 

Ramblin' Around

Derrick Stewart-Baxter

Victoria Spivey; Johnny Mercer (obituary); BBC Blues Ladies programme, Jazz Ship series; 



Barron VLP 401 (Princess White, Miss Rhapsody, Clyde Bernhardt); VLP 400 (dito)

Neovox Cassettes


The Audubon Henderson set (6 LPs) on cassetteo



Arcadia 2006 (Jeannette Synco, J. Williams, Kirk); HEP 7 (W. Herman at Hollywood Palladium); VJM SLC 27 (Zenith Hot Stompers); 

Book Review

Howard Rye, Laurie Wright

Jazz Solography Series (by Jan Evensmo; H.R.); Jazz Now (by Roger Cotterrell Ed.; L.W.); Chris Barber Discogr. (by Gerard Bielderman; H.R.)

Record Reviews


Tax m-8009 (Territory Bands); 88 Up-Right 88UR 003 (Lennie Felix); Col PC 34032 (Linda Hopkins); Dawn Club 12008 (George Lewis); MCA MCFM 2739 (Connie Boswell); Aircheck 12 & 13 (Freddie Rich); Arcadia 2006 (Territories Vol. 2); Stash ST 100 (Reefer Songs); Herw 404 (Piano Ragtime 50s); Black Lion BLPX 12137/8 (Max Collie); Sunbeam MFC 14 (Ray Miller 1929); Dawn Club 12016/12017 (Ory, Hangover);  


Discographical Forum

Tinsley/Williams Wbd.; Red Devils/Black Devils; Southern Serenaders (Lanin/Henderson/Armstrong); Bessie Smith's pianists; High Victor takes of west coast recordings.


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