Storyville No. 67


Oct 1976


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Mystery photograph (#66);  German Blues Circle; 

Whatever Happened To Gene Prendergast ?

Warren K. Plath

Researching the career of Gene Prendergast in the 1920s (Germany) and beyond. Photos.

Paramount Serenaders 1923 - 1926

Chris Hillman

Introduction to in-depth discussion of series of Chicago Paramount recordings by the Storyville team. (To be continued).

Good-Bye Fess

Frank Driggs

Fess Williams. Obituary. (9 pages, photos). 

Michael 'Mike' Danzi

Rainer E. Lotz

Life and career of banjoist Michael Danzi (Photos). 



LP: Lud Gluskin et son Jazz (Paris-Berlin 1928-32) Ain't She Sweet ff., 17 tracks



VLP 41 (New York Jazz 1927-30); HEP 8 (Tex Beneke)

Book Review

Howard Rye, Laurie Wright

Jazz Solography Series (by Jan Evensmo; H.R.); Jazz Now (by Roger Cotterrell Ed.; L.W.); Chris Barber Discogr. (by Gerard Bielderman; H.R.)

Record Reviews


Tax m-8024 (Tea Big B.); Wolverine 1 (Lud Gluskin); Whoopee 103 (Blues & Boogie 1928-36); Twin Sign (Sam Wooding 1976); CTJC SLP 11 (Onward BB; Cl. Bernhardt Harlem; Dixiel. Rhythm K.); IAJRC 22 (Red Nichols 29-32); Herwin 210 (Ariz. Dranes, piano); Rexius RL 5123 (Don Kinch); Land O'Jazz 1972, 3475, 2674 (Plat Smith; Armand Hug; Stan Mendelson); For The First Time Vol. 2 (Tram, Whiteman; Goodman; Louis); Flyright-Matchb. SDM 264& 265 LOC series 5 & 6 (Rare Blues from Libr. of Congress); JSoc AA 506 (Basie V-Discs); Pablo 2310.763 (Joe Turner, pianist); One-Up OU 2135 (Keith Nichols Ragt. Orch.); Sonora 6394 035 (Gosta Törner 1937-49)   

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Amendments to Blues & Gospel Records 1902 - 1942


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