Storyville No. 68


Dec 1976


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BBC Devil's Music (Ida Cox, Mamie Smith film fragments); Swiss Jazz Discography; Peanuts Hucko.

Charlie Gaines

Russ Shor

Charlie Gaines' story. Photos.

Ramblin' Around

Derrick Stewart-Baxter

On the recent LPs and activities of vintage jazzmusicians: Irene Scruggs; Helen Humes; Pug Horton; Natalie Lamb;Sheldon Harris' Blues Who's Who;  

Paramount Serenaders 1923 - 1926

Chris Hillman

Discussing the Paramount blues recordings c. June 1923 to April 1924 (Monette Moore, Ida Cox, Alberta Hunter, Ma Rainey, Edmonia Henderson, Edna Hicks, all acc. Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders).

Jazz, Blues and U.S. Railroads

Eric Townley

An essayabout the role and inspiration of railroads for blues and jazz. 

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Band photo in issue 66, p. 203: Wilson Robinson's Syncopators (identification by Clyde Bernhardt); King Oliver Orch. photo (id. by Cl. B.); Fred Jackson - Zack Whyte recordings; Freddie Skerritt; Robinson photo; Cozy Cole/Cl. Williams; Marion McKay recordings; Gennett master listing; Earle Howard writes; Billie Holiday/Jimmy Scott; 

Scott Joplin in England

Edward S. Walker

Investigation about the possibility of Scott Joplin having visited England in the 1890s or 1900s. 

New Orleans Journey

Alan Kennington with Bernard Hodgson

A visit to New Orleans in 1976. (Briefly: New York, Jimmy Ryan's etc.). Live jazz in New Orleans. 

Dawn Club


LPs: DC 12003 (Yerba Buena); 12020 (Trad Jazz Union, Christmas); DC 12021/22/23 (Southern Jazz Group), all with listings; DC 12001,12008,12009,1210,1211,12113,1214,1215,1216,1217,1218,1219 (no listings) 



LPs: 03302 (R.W.Kahn); 03303 (P. Whiteman 21-25); 03304/5 (Cotton Pickers)



Halcyon SHAL 11 John Farrell recreations on piano rolls.

Book Reviews

Laurie Wright

The Guinness Book of Music by Rob. and Celia Darling with Brian Rust; All This and 10% by Jim Godbolt.

Record Reviews


CJM 16 (Cl. Williams Wbd. 33-35); Yazoo L 1046 (Bottleneck Guitar Blues); Foun FB 304 (Cox); Granny 03304/5 Cotton Pickers 2LP); Swaggie S 1343 (Dave Dallwitz); 77 77S57 (Sutton); 77S58 (Felix, Lemon, Ingham); World Rec SH 236 (Ingham); Dawn Club DC 12020 (Trad. Jazz Union - Germ. Christm. carrols in NO style); Blue Star XBLY 80 703 (Gonsalves); Yazoo 1050 (Furry Lewis 27-28); Kenneth KS 2039 (Kustbandet+ Charlie Holmes); Yazoo 1053 (Harmonica Blues);      

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Amendments to Blues & Gospel Records 1902 - 1942


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