Storyville No. 69


Feb 1977


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Storyville encyclopedia project (outline and launch); Charlie Holmes/Kustbandet LP 

Herb Flemming

Frank Driggs

Herb Flemming's life and career. Photos.

Paramount Serenaders 1923 - 1926

Chris Hillman, John Holley, Ron Jewson, Ray Webb and Laurie Wright

Discussing the Paramount blues recordings c. April 1924 to April 1925 (Ma Rainey, Ida Cox, Priscilla Stewart, Edmonia Henderson, Sodarissa Miller, Thelma La Vizzo, Julia Davis, all acc. Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders).

Mr. Jazz Himself - Ray Lopez, Part II

Rick Holbrook, based on letters by Ray Lopez

Ray Lopez life and career continued, 1920 - (67 pages, photos).

Cavern Sound


no number: Art Smith's KC Jazz Band  (Personnel)



Foun FJ 113 (Thomas Morris Past JM; Clarence Williams); Fount FB 304 (Ida Cox Vol. 2)



VLP 44 (Charleston Chasers 29-31); Halcyon SHAL 10 (Halcyon Dance Orch. - Steve Lane)

Book Reviews

Laurie Wright

The Devil's Music (A History of the Blues) by Giles Oakley; Dominion Records (Catalogue and History) by Arthur Badrock.

Record Reviews


Herwin 109 (Rare Hot Chicago); Blue Bag BB 101 (Frank Evans); Cavern Sound no no. (Art Smith & His Kansas City JAzz Band); Blue Star(F) XBLY 80701 (Swing Machine Badini, R. Fol, S. Woodyard, M. Gaudry); WRC SHB 30 (B. Firman 25-31); Sunbeam SB 149 (BG); Arc 2009 (J.P. Johnson, P. Bradford, F. WAller 21-29); Herwin 108 (Punch Miller 20-30); Stash ST 101 (Copulatin' Blues: Bechet, Oscar's Chi. Sw., Lil Johnson, B. Smith, J. Temple, Merl. Johnson, Grant&Wilson, Tampa Red, Morton, L. Bogan, Bessie JAckson, G. White); Blue Star(F) XBLY 80706 (Hampton); IAJRC 23 (Donald Lambert)       


Discographical Forum

Ora Alexander; Frenchy's String Band; Blind Blake/Dodds; Sunset label (listing).


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