Storyville No. 70


Apr 1977


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Clyde Bernhardt Band on tour; Buddy Tate, Jimmy Galloway; Al Bowlly microgroove disco; Studies in Scandinavian-American Discography

Franc Williams

Eric Townley

Life and career of Francis Williams, based on interview 1976 (6 pages, no photos).

Rarities (LP label)

reviewed by Howard Rye

reviewing issues 31, 32 (L. Collins-R. Sutton); 33, 35 (This is Jazz broadc. 1947); 36 (ODJB 1936 LaRocca, not ODJB); 37 (AFRS 1945 Condon); 38 (Hodges -  Carney 1961); 39 (Hangover: Tea); 40 (B. Holiday); 26, 27, 34 (Dandridge)

Ramblin' Around

Derrick Stewart-Baxter

Tony Palmer: All You Need Is Love (TV-Series); BBC Devil's Music series: Ida Cox, Jesse Crump, Big Bill, Mamie Smith; Edith Wilson, death of Buddy Johnson

Leslie Johnakins - Always A Big Band Musician

David Griffiths

Leslie Johnakins' life stor (13 pages, photos)..

Paramount Serenaders 1923 - 1926

Chris Hillman, Ron Jewson, Roy Middleton, Richard Rains, Derek Hamilton-Smith, Ray Webb and Laurie Wright

Discussing the Paramount blues and instrumental recordings c. November 1924 to September 1925 (O'Bryant, Lovie Austin, Ida Cox).

Black Jack


LP 3008 Buddy Rich; LP 3009 Dixiel. Clambake (R. Stewart, Tea, Miller, Sutton)

Dawn Club


DC 12025 Ken Colyer; 12021/22/23/24 Southern Jazz Group 46-50; 



41 Bob Crosby; 42 W. Herman 53; 43 Willie The Lion 66; 44 Condon 44/5



VLP 30 Vaudeville Blues (M. Stafford, Frankie & JAzz Devils, Monette Moore, Mandy Lee, Josie Miles, Jazz Casper, Laura Smith, Julia Moody, Helen Gross); VLP 50 Blue Flame (Hegamin).

Book Reviews

Howard Rye

Jazzman's Reference Book II (Bookings etc., Int. Jazz Fed.)

Record Reviews


MCA 510.039, 510.110 (J. Noone); World Records WRS 1001 (Susannah McCorkle); Harrison B (Gennett - Champion); Metronome MLP 15.563 (Jazz Lips, Ikey Robinson, Thomas Jefferson); CJM 10 (Territory: Zach Whyte a.o.); Talent LP 3 (Per Borthen & Laila Dalseth); Stash ST 105 (Early Viper); Roy Kirby Paragon JB; Dawn Club 12018, 12019 (Turk Murphy Live at Easy Street); Blue Goose 2020 (Gary Lawrence); Blue Star XBLY 80702 (Raymond Fol); Riff 659.025 (Ted Easton); Fountain FJ 113 (Th. Morris OKs); Coll. Items 005 (E. Henderson, Thelma LAVizzo, Pr. Stewart, H. McDaniel, S. Wallace, S. Miller, Rosa Holley, Hilda Alexander, Mamie McClure); 


Discographical Forum

Southern Serenaders; Oliver's Col clarinestist, Dixie Wbd. Band session..


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