Storyville No. 72


Aug 1977


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Encyclopedia queries; 'Thomas Family' booklet (query); Turk Murphy discography.

New Books

reviewed by Howard Rye and Laurie Wright

Jazz Index (Bibliography of periodica) by Norbert Ruecker (HR); Billy & Teddy on microgroove by Dick Bakker (LW); American Dance Band Discography by Brian Rust (HR).

Horst Lange Recalls Sidney Bechet In Berlin In 1930

Horst H. Lange

Reminiscing Sidney Bechet at Haus Vaterland in Berlin (Photos).

Travellin' Man - The Story of Demas Dean

Peter Carr

Demas Dean telling his life story through letters. Personnels of orchestras. Scrapbook with photos.

Paramount Serenaders 1923 - 1926

Dave Gladen, Chris Hillman, John Holley, Richard Rains, Laurie Wright

Discussing the Paramount blues and instrumental recordings c. September 1925 to January 1926 (O'Bryant, Lovie Austin, Ida Cox, Viola Bartlette, Ozie McPherson, Jimmy Blythe).

Storyville Encyclopedia Project


More queries about facts, figures, discographical and biographical matters.

bopp - Rare Jazz on Tape





LP D: Whoopee Makers, H. Kemp, Van, New Yorkers, B. Bernie, H. Hendrickson, B. Lown.

Fountain - Retrieval


Foun FJ 114: Wolverines; Retr FG 404 Isham Jones.



VLP 49 Oliver Creole JB; SLC 28 (New Delta Jazzmen); SLC 29 (Zenith Hot Stompers)

Record Reviews


Herwin 110 (Paramount: Blythe, Bartlette, Austin's Mus. Ambass., Hotentots, E. Robinson, P. Jackson, Wilson's TOBA, Jeannette; D.C. Nelson); Magpie PY 1804 (Bill Gaither); MCA 510.033; 510.121; 510.133 (Kirk); Coll Class CC 52 (Gladys Bentley, Mary Dixon); MCA 510.100 (Bechet 31-38); Jazz Studies JS 4 David R. Lee); VJM VLP 41 (NY 27-30: Miss. Maulers, R. Bloom, Seven Hot Air); Blue Star 80709 (Swing Machine Badini, Fol); Sackv 3002 (Jazz Giants: Wild Bill, B. Morton, Herb Hall, Claude Hopkins, A. Shaw, Buzz Drootin); Aircheck 10 (Teddy Buckner tp); Barclay 81004/81005 (Jazz Parisien 45-47); CBS 81753 Swiss (Louisiana Dandies); Halcyon SHAL 11 (John Farrell);  


Discographical Forum

Ross de Luxe; Doc Dasher, Columbians, Bob Fuller, Gladys Bentley, Dallas Jamboree Jug Band; Casey Bill Weldon, Julia Moody, Black Patti.


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