Storyville No. 75


Feb 1978


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Midnite Follies Orch. live in London

Paramount Serenaders 1923 - 1926

Chris Hillman

Additions and comments to previous serial.

Some Notes on Some Crosby Ex-Bobcats

Jim Gordon

Eddie Miller, Yank Lawson, Matty Matlock and their early recordings.

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Alex Hyde, Sam Wooding and Australian Polydor issues; Arthus Briggs and his Australian issues; Levy Wine; Juice Wilson; Jimmy Fykes; Roy Butler; Leon  Abbey; Henry Nathan, Teddy Weatherford;Beryl Templeman; Ma Rainey dubbings.

Juice Wilson

Alec Boswell

Article which originally appeared in Jazz Music in 1946. Meeting Juice Wilson and telling his story.

Gennett Colored Artists Records

Catalog (courtesy Brian Rust)

Reproduction of colored artists section of 1924 Gennett catalog.

The Music Of Charlie Spand

Rolf von Arx

Short description and analyses of Charlie Spand's records.

Charlie Johnson Orchestra Photograph


Request for identification of musicians in a Charlie Johnson Orchestra photograph.

More On the ARC TO-Series

Josephine Beaton and Howard Rye

See Stov. 38. Listing of ARC TO-matrix series.

New Orleans 1976

Bernard Hodgson

Live jazz at Preservation Hall and other places in New Orleans.

Re Re-Minting The Pennies

John R.T. Davies

Start of discography of Red Nichols Pennies and Captivators recordings. Oct. 1925 to Dec 1926.

Book Reviews

Laurie Wright and Howard Rye

The World Of Earl Hines by Stanley Dance (LR); Chris Barber Discography 1949 - 1975 by Gérard Bieldermann (HR); 

Fountain - Retrieval


Retr FG 404 Isham Jones; FG 405 Georgia Meladians; DFJ 115 Midway Dance Orch. etc.; FJ 116 Fess Williams.

Harrison Records


LP-E: Original Yellow Jackets, Carolina Cotton Pickers, Jimmy Luverte, Birmingham Serenaders, Ted Mays.



103 V-Disc Louis/Tea; 104 Don Lambert; 101 Clayton/Eldridge; 102 Bechet 1951 Boston



VJM VLP 43 (Pollack 33-34); VLP 38 (Edinborough Wild Cats, Mosby); Halcyon SHAL 10 (Hal. dance Orch., St. Lane).

Record Reviews


Sunb SB 148 (Goodman); Grannyph 03307 (J. Garber); World Rec SH 246 (Hanshaw); MCA 510.182 (Hawk, Thompson); Stash ST 106 (Rare Blues & Swing); Blue Bag BB 102 (Frank Evans); CJM 24 (Nichols); Euphonic Rec ESR 1213 (A. Hodes); Growl 1 (Scaniazz); Aviva 6000 (M. Grosz, Wayne Wright); MCA 510.184 (Ella); 


Discographical Forum

#345 - #348


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