Storyville No. 76


Apr 1978


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Charlie Johnson photo (Stov. 74); Savannah Syncopators (British band live); harlem Blues And Jazz Band, Clyde Bernhardt, Al Vollmer; Grey Gull/Radiex/Van Dyke/Madison labels; 

Jazz On British Television

Alan Turner

Programme details of Jazz on British TV 1963 - 1973 listed.Eddie Miller, Yank Lawson, Matty Matlock and their early recordings.

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

ARC TO-Series (Chick Bullock; 

Re Re-Minting The Pennies

John R.T. Davies

Discussing Red Nichols Pennies and Captivators recordings. Dec 1926 to Mar 1927.

New Books

Laurie Wright and John R.T. Davies

Dictionnaire du Blues by Jean Claude Arnaudon (LW); The Great Harry Reser by W.W. Triggs (D); Il Blues E L'America Nera by Walter Mauro (LW). 

A Glimpse Into The Past: Telefunken's Wartime Swedish Jazz Recordings

Björn Englund

Description of Telefunken's recording activity in Sweden and listing.

The Red Devils And Sidney Bechet In England

Edward S. Walker

New information on Sidney Bechet with the Red Devils in England c. 1923.

How Come: Sidney Bechet's Brief Career as Chinese Laundryman/Police Chief

Howard Rye

Sidney Bechet and the Show How Come (1923 in New York).

Hitting The Road - Eddie Berefield Talks To Eric Townley

Eric Townley

Interview with Eddie Brefield telling the story of his life (Photos).

Fountain - Retrieval


Retr FG 405 Georgia Melodians; DFJ 115 Midway Dance Orch. etc.; FJ 116 Fess Williams.



VLP 11 (Dunn 21-23); VLP 38 (Edinborough Wild Cats, Mosby); VLP 15 (Cl. Smith)

Record Reviews


Black Jack LP 3008 (B. Rich Orch.); Rar No. 43 (Lion Smith); Pumpkin 102 (Bechet 1951); VJM VLP 44 (Charleston Chasers); Granny 03303 & 03306 (Whiteman no Bix); Nugrape CBR 001 (Pre-War Blues); MCA 510.183 (Louis Jordan); Retr FG 404 (Isham Jones); Sunb MPC 12 (Nichols); RCA RVL 5517 (N.O. Rascals - Japanese); Herw 111 (Paramount Cornet Blues: J. Davis, O. McPherson, V. bartlette, E. Robinson, Leola Wilson, I. Smith, Madl. Davis, B. Henderson); Dawn Cl DC 12021 - 12024 (4 Vol. Southern Jazz Group - Aussies); String 801 (Wester Swing 35-41); Folkw FG 3561 (D. Jasen Ragtime); MCA 510.181 (Hampton 47-50); CBS Spec. Prod. P3 13618 (3 LP set Goodman, Casa Loma, James etc.)    


Discographical Forum

#341 (Louis, Copenhagen Kalundborg Og movie), #349.


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