Storyville No. 78


Aug 1978


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Happy Caldwell, Shorty Haughton (cover photo); Jelly Roll Morton's piano; Nice jazz festival (summary).

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Juice Wilson; Noble Sissle; Leo Vauchant; Sam Wooding; Wilbur Kurz, Alex Hyde, 

The Bertin Depestre Salnave Musical Story

Bertrand Demeusy, translated by Howard Rye

Bertin Salnave's story and achievements as told by himself (photos).

San Antonio Piano Man: an Interview with Lloyd Glenn

Eric Townley

Interview with Lloyd Glenn on his life and career.

Re Re-Minting The Pennies

John R.T. Davies

Discussing Red Nichols Pennies and Captivators recordings. Aug 1927 to Jun 1928.

Sammy, Sammie ... or Lycy ? (Sammy Lewis)

Laurie Wright

Discussing female impersonator Sammy Lewis, Gennett recording artist. More information on aa Arcadia LP sleeve on King Swayze(e), Bamville Dandies.

Jimmy Mazzy Sings


with The Dixie Jackpot/String Thing (Titles)

Fountain - Retrieval


Foun FJ 116: Fess Williams



LP-B Gennett - Champion Collection: Paul Cornelius Orch., Paul Davis Orch., Henry LÖange Orch., Ted Smith Orch., Johnny Ringer Orch., Bud Ritchie Boys, Bob Mc Gowan Orch., Hal Denman Orch., Pat Dollohan Orch., Carl fenton Orch., Cliff Perrine Orch. 



VLP 71 Ess. Ellington; VLP 29 Little Ramblers; SLC 31 St. Lane

Book Reviews

Laurie Wright

Charlie Christian 1939-41 A Discography by John Callis; Jazz In The Movies by David Meeker.

Record Reviews


Brief mentions: MCA 510.189/90 (Ella); Hot'n Sweet HOL 6428 (Armstrong 1965); Herw 302 (Pete Kaufman); Edison 77 (Henderson, Cl. Williams on Edison); Ehoes of 30s (Nostalgia, Big Bands); Tax m-8025 (Baasie 42); One-Up OU 2203 (Mainstream 60-65, E. Berry, E. Hines, B. tate, Sn. Mosley a.o.); Shoestr SS 104 (J. Sullivan); Barclay 80929/30 (2 LP: Django 47-53); Sackv 4002 (J. Galloway); Reviews: OZ 1001 (Jimmy Mazzy); Pumpkin 104 (Don Lambert); Bl.Class. BC 25 (Tampa Red); Arc 2008 (Jazz in Harlem 26-31, S. Lewis, Bamville Sync., L. Tibbs a.o.); Granny 03308 (Abe Lyman 23-26); VJM VLP 45 (Gulf Coast 7, Or. jazz Hounds - Dunn, Bradford); Pumpkin 103 (V-Discs); Black Jack LP 3009 (4 Hollywood concerts Dixie 50-51); Whoopee 105 (J. Blythe + Blues singers); Bl. Class. BC 26 (Blues: Glinn, Bobby Cadillac, E. Wright, B. Tucker, B. Jackson, G. White, Mem. Minnie, Willie B. Huff);


Discographical Forum

#280, #350 - #354.


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