Storyville No. 80


Dec 1978


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George Winfield booklet; 

Birth Of A Band

Frank Dutton

Chronology of the early Ellington band and its personnels.

New Books (Reviews)

Laurie Wright and Howard Rye

Herb Flemming by Egino Biagioni (LW); Brass Bands and N.O. Jazz by William J. Schafer (HR); Jazz Solography Series, Vol. 6, Ben Webster 1931-43, by Jan Evensmo (LW); The Jazz State of Indiana by Duncan Schiedt (LW).

Re Re-Minting the Pennies 

John R.T. Davies

Discographical discussion of all original issues by Red Nichols Five Pennies' groups. (and related).

Everything's George

George Barnes talks to Eric Townley

Reporting interview of 1975. Small discography.



Listings: CJM 17 (Cl. Williams 33-35); Tax m8031 (Benny Carter 33-39); m8032 (T. Wilson 38-42). 

Dawn Club


DC 12001 to DC 12027: G. Bell, Lu Watters YB, G. Lewis, L. Miles, K.Ory, T. Murphy, K.Colyer in N.O., Crane River 72, Southern Jazz Group.



VLP 52 Golden Era: Indiana Syncopators, Vic Meyers, Sam Lanin a.o.; VLP 11 J. Dunn's Orig. Jazz Hounds; VLP 27 Doc Cook, J. Dunn/Morton

Record Reviews


Beautiful Dumaine 001 (Capt. John Handy 66); Blues Classics BC 3 (Sonny Boy Williamson); Hot Dog 0004 (Hot Dogs & Jabbo Smith); Flyright/Matchbox FLY LP 260 (Lib. Cong. Vol. 8, Oscar Woods, Kid West, Joe Harris, Uncle Bob Ledbetter, Noah Moore); CJM 26 (Midnight Piano: Cl. Jackson, Don Frye, Willie The Lion Smith); Hot'n Sweet HOL 6425 (Ellington 24-29); VJM VLP 71 (Ellington); Dawn Club DC 12027 (Sammy Rimington, Red Beans); MCA 510.193 (Louis Jordan 1951); Magpie PY 4406 (Walter Roland, Lucille Bogan, Jolly Jivers); Magpie PY 4407 (Leroy Carr 1930-35); VJM SLC 31 (Steve Lane); Philomel 1000 (Lee Wiley 31-37); Hot'n Sweet HOL 6426 (Benny Carter 1939-44); Rar 50 (Armstrong 43-44); Tax m-8028 (Slim and Slam); Retr FG 405 (Georgia Melodians); Sackv 2012 (R. Sutton); Sunshine Me SM/5 (Blackbottom Stompers); MCA 510.038 (Armstrong 36-38).   


Discographical Forum

# 355, 359-363


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