Storyville No. 81


Feb 1979


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Fats Waller in Britain - Some Native Reactions

collected by Howard Rye

Compilation of data for Fats Waller's visits to Great Britain in 1938 and 1939.

Fats Waller's British Diary

compiled by Howard Rye & Josephine Beaton

Diary of Fats Waller's movements in Great Britain for July to October 1938 and March to June 1939.

A Note On The Billy Higgs Recording Sessions

Howard Rye & Josephine Beaton

Addendum to Fats Waller's diary.

Howard Osmond Mc Farlane - Trumpet

Rainer E. Lotz

Story of the British trumpeter Howard Osmond McFarlane and his recordings in Germany (8 pages, with photos and discography).

New Books

reviewed by Laurie Wright & Howard Rye

New Orleans Jazz - A Family Album, by Al Rose & Edmond Souchon (Revised edition); The AFRS & TS (Gold Label) Transcription Library, by Rainer E. Lotz (HR); McKinney's Music - A Bio-Discography by John Chilton (LW); Die Deutsche "78er" Discographie by Horst H. LAnge (LW); Capt. John Handy by Horst Hertling (LW).

Specks And Spots And Other Things - An Interview with Bob Wilber

Eric Townley

Bob Wilber's story, his views on jazz and jazz musicians.

Re Re-Minting The Pennies

John R. T. Daviess

Critical listing and discography of Red Nichols' Five Pennies and his Orchestra.

bopp - Rare Jazz on Tape





LP G: Eubie Blake Orchestra / Frank Tanner's Rhythm Kings



VLP 31 Lillian Glinn; VLP 47 Clarence Williams Columbias

Record Reviews


Coll Items 006 (Seminole Sync, A. Summerford, Cotton Club Orch., Harry's (Cooper) Happy Four, S. Martin, A. Preer); EMI ODN 1001 (Midnite Follies); Rarities 51 (George Lewis in Europe); Harrison LP-E (Or. Yellow Jackets, J. Luverte, Carol. Cotton P., Birmingh. Seren.), Ted May); Rar 41 (Crosby Bob Cats); Arcadia 2011 (Elgar, Dickerson, S. Stewart); Arhoolie F-1015 (Blind James Campbell); MCA 510.195/96 (Benny Goodman Story Sound Track); YRK 1 (Yankee Rhythm Kings); Stash ST 114 ((A Capella Gospel); Sackville 3013 (Cheatham, S. Price); Barclay 81092/93 (Grappelli) 


Discographical Forum

Leonard Feather, Mickey Bloom, Tommy Thunen, Midnight Airedales, Ellington film A Day In The Races, Al Hall, Billy Hicks, Arnold Bolden, Midge Williams & Her Jazz Jesters, Ida Cox Coffin' Blues, Memphis Night Hawks. 


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