Storyville No. 85


Oct 1979


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Nice festival '79.

Muted Jazz (Jonah Jones)

Eric Townley

Interview with Jonah Jones during the 1978 Nice jazz festival.

New Books

Laurie Wright and Howard Rye

Rags and Ragtime by David A. Jasen (LW); Jazz Solography Series Vol. 10 (Eldridge) by Jan Evensmo (HR) Teach Yourself jazz by John Chilton (LW).

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Black vocal quartets history; Waller records for Radio Luxemburg; Banjos & Guitars; Sammy Stewart; Lillian Glinn; Birmingham Serenaders; King Carter; Mills Blue Rhythm.

Take A Bow ... George Hancock, Bobby Woodlen, Roger Boyd

David Griffiths

3 interviews about the lives and careers of George Hancock, Bobby Woodlen and Roger Boyd.

Some Notes On The American Negro Minstrels From Alabama, U.S.A.

Robert Pernet

Early black minstrel artists in Belgium (c. 1910).

NoLa Records



Meritt Record Society


Listing of titles and takes: No. 4 (Piano), 5 (R. Allen, J.P. Johnson), 6 (Small Gr.); 7 (Small Gr.); Blu-Disc T-1002 (B. Goodman)



VLP 71 Ellington Vol. 1; VLP 81 Ma Rainey Vol. 1

Record Reviews


Sackv 3017 (B. Tate, B. Wilber); Dixie Rec DIXIE 11 (Preston Jackson & Hayes Alvis, Barry Martyn); Dawn Cl DCS 33.002 (Dave DAllwitz Schampus All Stars); CJM 23 (Mills Blue Rhythm Bd.); Inner City 4002 (Peter Dean); Aviva 6002 (Jimmy Forrest, Al Grey); CJM 25 (Nichols Vol. 2); Swag S 1379 (John Sangster); Dawn Cl DCS 33.003 (Johnny Parker); Magpie PY 1815 (Bessie Tucker & Ida Mae Mack 1928); Arhoolie R 2006 (Texas Blues Vol. 1); Foun FV 203 (Cl. Edwards); World Rec SH 309 (Valaida Snow); Aviva 6001 (Marty Grosz, D. Wellstood); Sackv 4005 (Ed Bickert, Don Thompson); CJM 29 (J.Noone);    


Discographical Forum



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