Storyville No. 122

Dec 1985



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Editorial Editor BBC radio program on Morton;  Misc.
Can't We Talk It Over ?  Letters to Editor Spelling of various names; Dolly Jones/Armenra; Washboard Rhythm Kings; Valaida Snow; Issue of access to old journals and literature for research; Leon Abbey; Dodds or Cobb on Alligator Hop ?; Pseudonyms on Engl. Parlophones (candy Lips); More on Joe Appleton and Wington Thompson.
New Books (Reviews) Laurie Wright Ragtime (by John Edward Hasse); Stride/Waller (by Paul S. Machlin); Lester Young (by Lewis Porter); Hpw To Play Trumpet (by Digby Fairweather); Some Girls Do and Some Girls Don't - Sheet covers (by Tony Lacontro); With Louis And The Duke (by Barney Bigard and Barry Martyn);Georgia on MY Mind Nat Gonella Story (by Ron Brown); 
Don Murray - The Early Years (1904 - 1923) Warren K. Plath Bio with photos.
Eduardo Andreozzi - Jazz Pioneer From Brazil Rainer E. Lotz Bio-discography with photos.
Don Ewell - A Discography John Collison Don Ewell's recordings.
Neovox Cassettes Advertisement Cat. 717, 729, 741, 754, 766, 769, 793, 792, 796, 797, 799 (Dodds, Moten, Chicago White, Bix Goldk., Choc Dandies, Allen- Russell, Venuti-Lang, Oliver Creole, NORK)
Retrieval Advertisement FG 408 (Mme Tussaud's); FJ 123 (I. Mills); FG 409 (Spike Hughes); FV 205 (Hanshaw)
Record Reviews Various Swaggie S 1406 (Capitol Jazzmen 43-47); Storyv 429 (Al Casey & George Kelly/Fessors); Path 1552591 (Combelle 37-40); Jazzology JCE 6 (Manetta); Arc 2017D (Jimmie's Joys); RCAF NL 89560-2 (calloway); Harleq 2016 (Trinidad); King Akwa 00851 (Louis uniss.)
I Believe I'll Make A Change Bob Dixon Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records" (1982 edition).


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