Storyville No. 124


Apr 1986


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Chicago South Side 1927 -1932

Christopher Hillman and Mike Tovey

Critical discussion of the personnels of virtually all known recordings of the Chicago South Side style.  Aug 1927 to June 1929 in this issue. (State Street Ramblers, Alexander Robinson, Mary Grinter, Junie Cobb, Dixie Four, Midnight Rounders, Alabama Jim and George). 

A Glimpse Into The Past - Parlophon B.12500 Series

Björn Englund

Discussion and listing of the Swedish Parlophon B. 12500 series. 

Kemper Harreld

Jeffrey P. Green

Life story of violonist and music teacher Kemper Harreld (F. Henderson's tutor).

A Personal Survey Of The Recordings Of Joe Turner

Johnny Simmen

Appreciation of a number of Joe Turner's recordings and personal recollections by Johnny Simmen. 

New Books

reviewed by Laurie Wright

The Mighty Music Box/ Musical Radio by Thomas A. DeLong; Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 1 1937 - 1953 (Discography) by Piet Koster & Chris Sellers; Vic Lewis Discography by Tony Middleton

Can't We Talk It Over ?

Letters by readers

Josephine Baker biography; Spencer Williams; Leadbelly Mus 226; Meade Lux Lewis with Benny Goodman Orch.; Kaiser Marshall; Milt Hinton; Fess Williams; Billy Fowler's Band.



FG 409 Spike Hughes; FJ 124 Merritt Brunies; FJ 107 Red Onion JB; FJ 108 Spanier; FV 205 Annette Hanshaw.

Record Reviews


BBC Rec REB 588, 589 & 590 )Jazz Class. in Dig. Stereo: Morton et. al.); Stomp Off SOS 1082 (Rusty Taylor); RCA NL 89277 (2 LP: Hawkins); Swingtime ST 1004 (Hawkins); Swag 825 (Piano Rolls); Harl HQ 2039 (Fess Williams Vol. 1 1929); Phontastic NOST 7657 (Big Band sampler 1935); RCA NL 89279 (2 LP: Armstrong); Stomp Off SOS 1080 (Golden Eagle / Chris Norris); Pathé Marconi 1552601 (Sammy Price & Emmett Berry 1956); Pathé Marconi 1552611 (Earl Hines 1965); Harl HQ 2018 (Hot: Martinique); Stomp Off SOS 1085 (West End Jazz Band); Trigal 2001 (Grupo de Jazz Santa Rosa); RCA VicAr TLP 60060 (Fenix Jazz Band); Sunb SB 236 & 237 (T. Dorsey 1937); Stomp Off SOS 1091 & 1092 (Black Eagle JB); Swag 828 (L. Russell); Stomp Off SOS 1084 (Jungle Crawlers);   

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records" (1982 edition).


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