Storyville No. 136


Dec 1988


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Admnistrative matters. 

Howard Thomas And His Recording Orchestra (The Clown Prince Of Jazz) 1925 - 1935

Howard J. Waters & Don Peak

Howard Thomas, his life and career, his recordings (photos). Discography.

King Oliver - additional information

Laurie Wright

Aurora label issue, photo; repro of letter to Bunk Johnson.

New Books

reviewed by Laurie Wright

Swinging In Paradise - Jazz in Montreal by John Gilmore; Jazz On Record by Brian Priestley; Winning Bids by Robert Hilbert; Happy In The Service Of The Lord - Gospel in Memphis by Kip Lornell; Benny Goodman - Listen To His Legacy by D. Russell Connor; Just A Closer Walk by Dr. Karl Koenig; Profoundly Blue - Edmond Hall by Manfred Selchow. 

Willie The Lion Smith - A Tentative Listing

Compiled by John Collison

Discography Jan 1950 to Mar 1958.  

Record Reviews


Swag S 1414 (Frank Johnson); Sackv 3039 (art Hodes); BBC REB 655; BBC REB 666 (Dig. Stereo sampler); Merry Makers MMRC 116 (Turk Murphy 1985); Coll. Hug. Panassiť CTPL 001 (CD, Jazz in V-Disc: Ell., Waller, Armstr. Basie, H.L.Page); Cyril Jazz Band CJB 03 (Cyril Jazz Band); Sztomp Off SOS 1142 (Europ. Class. Jazz Trio); Coll. Items 020 (Billy Kyle); Swag S 1416 (Allan Browne Band, Red Richards); Storyv SLP 4136 (Al Grey, Jesper Thilo Quintet); Stomp Off SOS 1150 (Keith Nichols-Claus Jacobi Dreamland Syncopators); Arc 5001 (Bing Crosby); BBC Rec. REB 682 (Henderson 29-37);

I Believe I'll Make A Change

Bob Dixon

Changes and amendments to" Blues And Gospel Records" (1982 edition).


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