Call For Contribution

Dear Collector, Researcher, Discographer, Photographer …

This WebSite is still under construction, as is quite obvious, and to call it an “Archive” is really somewhat bold. However, we have put together a few items to start with and we think that there is enough to interest the collector and jazz lover.

We focus on the history of jazz and on archival matters and intend to extend the content to many more photograhs from the personal collection of our photographer, to a vast treasure of 78 rpm jazz records – the labels of which we want to present – , and to the display of vintage, out of print jazz journals.

All this cannot come from one collection alone or from a few friends. Therefore we are kindly soliciting contributions from all collectors who have interesting items to show and who are willing to share this with the jazz collector’s community all over the world. It’s not just for pleasure alone but also considered a valuable tool for writers, historians and discographers.